Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spring lambs

Cute or what?
It's Zumba tonight, I really need to go for it tonight I have eaten far too many biscuits in the last week, oops.
The summer white stuff catalogue has arrived today, need to be good so I can wear their lovely summer things without looking lardy bird!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Bank holidays

I worked over the Easter holidays then had some days off now feel really relaxed had a nice time. Dad came down & we went birdying, we saw a marsh harrier at radipole and a whimbrel at the Bill, it was such a thrill, the Harrier was huge, obviously! We chatted to a group from Preston, the "Preston lot". Then we drove home to happy Hitchin ready for the royal wedding, mum and I had a lovely day. We didn't move from the sofa, we watched it from start to finish then over again and again! Much comment on the hats and frocks, the wedding dress and bridesmaids, the Queen & Camilla. Wonderful day, totally exhausted by the end of it! Came home to spend day off with T back to work tomorrow. Saw a whinchat today and bartailed Godwits, both firsts for me. Have joined Portland bird observatory, think they do fab work and have been friendly and helpful so far.