Thursday, 7 July 2011

Last days of RMAC for M

We have had a lovely few days, it's been busy and a bit stressful but very worth it. M finished his GCSE's and had a graduation assembly at school, he got 3 golds we were so proud of him. I was so glad Mum and Dad were there to share the moment, they have been so supportive, M never liked school as a little boy and so many times M&D kept me going and shared the positive times. It was great they were there to enjoy such a success, it also made it really special for M. In the evening we had a meal that Al and Anan came too, that was important for M and could have been difficult, particularly when himself came in to the house and didn't say hello to me.... idiot. Still it was important to all be there for M and he appreciated it.

Before the Prom the neighbours and M's friends came in for a drink then we went to watch all the pupils arrive for Prom, wow what a big deal it all is, as people got out of their cars the crowd cheered! It was great fun, so glad we went up to watch. Also so glad M not a girl, there was a serious amount of time and money behind some of the frocks, spray tans, makeup and cars!! It was wonderful to see M happy and doing well, he looked fab, so grown up and he was so confident, chatting to people, working the crowd like my Grandad used to! Over the last few days people have said some lovely positive things about him, I hope his results are good enough for him to go on to Budmth to do A levels.

M went off to his dad's for the first time in ages T and I have some time to ourselves, bliss! We went to S-on-A for a party which was good.

I have been feeling a bit worse in terms of stress levels, not sleeping so well, getting anxious and that but really we have been so busy at work and so much going on at home I think it's probably the reason but its a bit worrying and I am fed up with being a bit mad and not my old self. Anyway at work yesterday a patient's reli was aggressive and verbally abusive but I was calm and professional and got myself out of the house and called for some back up. Afterwards, yes I was shaky and my adrenaline levels were high but I carried on and about 2-3 hours after I was fine, I feel really positive about that, imagine if that had happened 4 or 5 months ago.... the other thing is the team was different, with the changes those that were left were kind and supportive, hhmm what a shame that was overshadowed two years ago by the lack of understanding and support that went on. Oh nurses can be mean!