Thursday, 4 August 2011

2 weeks off

Enjoying a break, although work has been a lot better over last few months I really need a break! Last weekend a patient screamed in my face and told me to leave her house, I was so shaken, she made me cry. I didn't like being at work on my own on that day :( I felt out of my depth and wonder if I will ever be back to myself? I'm going to see GP this week, see what he says.
On Sunday we celebrated Blod's 21st, I cannot believe it has been 21 years since I was 21 and held that little scrap it for the first time in mum's garden. She is a beautiful, lovely person. And no I don't think I'm biased! It was a lovely family day, the sun shone and Billy enjoyed the bbq!
To celebrate T's day we went to London, I loved living there, oh to be young again and not contemplating marriage to a, hmm well I leave that thought, you shouldn't really say "what if" should you?! Anyway it was a very special day out with both kids, we took cabs and enjoyed a lot of al fresco dinning. Lunch in the Tate with j & j, Miro exhibition and Biggles' special sausage shop. Fab.
Mum made T a coming home from school cake, it was a good day.

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