Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oh it's been ages

Haven't blogged since last two weeks of annual leave and here I am another two weeks off and finally get some time to blog again.
So erm what's been occurring? Well not much, work is up and down, L has retired and I miss her, she was very supportive and I would not have got back to work if she hadn't helped me. Some new people have started and they are great.
I found a PTSD support link on Twitter, that posted a link about research suggesting creativity good for mental health. I guess we all know that really but it's given me the boot to make more time for fiddling about in my studio. I made some bunting for this summer's O'H wedding and then I made some for our tent. Now i'm turning out reversible tote bags, it's fun and takes my mind off things. Also people willing to buy them from me so house not buried in stuff I've made!
Last weekend we went to Norfolk to celebrate Si's 40th, it was a lovely few days, the Smith's joined us, it was so good to see them all, the new baby is delicious, her head is perfect, Blobbie would have adored her.
I struggled a bit with all the people and talking but it was great, I couldn't have done that last year.  Poor T has a cold this half term, good job I'm off because the snoring is shaking the house and sleep isn't easy.

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