Thursday, 4 February 2010


Day started well with EMDR, feeling much stronger and realise that by going out of my comfort zone there will be a down period. I must remember this when I go back to work and take it slowly. Tonic suggested 2 days on and a day off then two days and the weekend to recover, she also said I was like a Pheonix rising from the flames, fab eh!?
Felt panicky and anxious thinking must get my hair cut next week, how ridiculous is that, I don't want to talk to hairdresser or put head back to have hair washed. Still don't particularly want to walk around with big head of hair.
I spoke to RCN rep, well I should have done that along time ago. There is an NHS scheme for people injured at work, funny how no one else has thought to mention this. Wish I had not wasted so many nights worrying about how we were going to cope financially. Have drafted a letter to HR and feel cross that when I asked about benefits last week she kept that quiet.
T and I watched Cinderella Man this evening, I couldn't watch the fight scenes, had to hide behind the sofa! It was a really good film, Russell Crowe didn't look as handsome as he normally does but still great!

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