Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sunny day

Better day today, T at home, although busy writing reports. A bird in the garden that I couldn't identify this morning, I think it was a Black Cap, anyway he was very happy on the seed/berry cake!
While Ireland played rugby and T sat hunched and tense on the edge of the sofa, Billy and I enjoyed a walk around the Bill in the sunshine. A naval ship was firing, I don't know what, just off the coast, it made a very loud noise and 4 plumes of smoke hung in the air for a long time after, the men in the coast guards hut were looking too. I took a pic with my phone but you can't really see much. The gulls were flying so close to the cliff edge it felt as if you could almost touch them, I didn't try, the rocks beneath are not very kindly looking. Plenty of sea birds on the rocks, busy diving in and out of the sea, so amazing to watch.
Max called T to discuss the rugby, he's home tomorrow and it sounds as if he's had a fantastic week away.
Have started another jigsaw this evening and really must try and get into the studio tomorrow, felt a bit like walking under a heavy weight today. Perhaps after yesterday or a night of little sleep this feeling is inevitable and I should make more realistic goals. Tomorrow's another day!

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