Friday, 5 February 2010

Spent all day fretting over the rep, even though I had emailed her, but I don't seem able to move on and say to myself "ok its sorted, now forget it". Plus I was beating myself up over my lack of executive brain function and wishing I had just said "no" in the first place rather than being bulldozed into a meeting I didn't want. Anyway I phoned work to speak to the team leader but S answered and she was probably busy but her lack of chat makes me think they're probably talking about me and hate me, I know feeling paranoid is part of PTSD but again I'm worrying and replaying the conversation (brief) over and over. Oh bugger I just want to rewind and go back to the woman I was before the trauma, efficient, level, functioning and juggling life.
Felt much better once T got home from work, he makes me laugh at my insecurities and craziness, he's very supportive and calming.
Finally mitts for Loz finished and sewn up the right way round, will post them to her tomorrow. Hope they go with her coat!

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